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Nagel Jewish Academy

Our Philosophy

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Nagel Jewish Academy provides a first class Jewish educational experience for all students while remaining affordable. It is a place where the joys, values, and traditions of Judaism are brought to life. The caring and nurturing environment enhances strengths and maximizes potential. A comprehensive Jewish studies curriculum, supported by dedicated and experienced teachers, inspires a continuous thirst for Torah knowledge and paints a positive picture of themselves as Jews.

We strive to inspire our students to:

-  Love, Judaism, Torah, and the Jewish people

-  Develop a strong Jewish identity

-  Become a community of learners

-  Respect and appreciate each other

- Become contributors of our local community and the Jewish community world-wide

We believe that we have been entrusted with the great responsibility of educating the next generation, a task which must be approached with the utmost sincerity and dedication. The school fosters a staff that is committed to excellence, innovative in approach, and develops motivation and enjoyment in the learning process. Teachers cater to each child’s individual needs by focusing on his or her specific abilities. Through the delivery of a comprehensive, supportive, and varied education, they model the best disciplines and methodology. Teachers in our school are aware of the fundamental reasons for the school's existence and the part they play in upholding the values espoused in the school philosophy; the school values its partnership with parents who work collaboratively with the school in promoting their children’s successful outcomes.

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