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Nagel Jewish Academy


"Nagel Jewish Academy offers an amazing enriched Jewish daily consistency."

-L.A., Parent

"The Nagel Jewish Academy is a spiritual nourishment for our children."

-Y. and R.G., Parents

Jewish education for a two-figure tuition

April 06, 2016

Late one recent afternoon in Beverlywood, a first-grader named Ben was learning about the story of the golden calf. Not happy about what he was hearing, Ben asked his teacher, incredulously: “They made a new god?!”.....

Nagel Jewish Academy, Providing Free Jewish Education For Every Jewish Child

August 24, 2014

The Nagel Jewish Academy will provide Jewish education free of charge to any Jewish child not enrolled in a Jewish school. The sponsor of the program believes that no child should be denied a Jewish education because of the cost of tuition at a Jewish school. Unfortunately, there are many families in Los Angeles who would have liked to enroll their children in Jewish schools but who are deterred by the cost.....

Investor Funds Jewish Academy

November 17, 2014

Behind the walls of an unassuming single-story building on Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles' Pico-Robertson neighborhood, you will find dozens of smiling faces and hear the sounds of young children engrossed in learning. Listen a little closer and you will uncover a world filled with Hebrew alphabet, davening and Torah study. What you have discovered is the new Nagel Jewish Academy, a unique Jewish educational program....

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